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Two Glasses

Story of Two Squared by Alpha Omega


Patterning itself after most of the top estates of Bordeaux, Alpha Omega offers an elegant second wine brand, Two Squared by Alpha Omega. These wines are designed to be approachable in both flavor and price. Opulent, fruit-driven and generous, with a backbone of European-inspired acidity and elegance, they’re produced by masterful blending across terroirs evocative of Napa Valley’s modern style. TWO2 is the best of both worlds in its inspiration and creation.


About the Vineyards:

Alpha Omega consulting winemaker Jean Hoefliger, being the sleuth that he is, acquires fruit from younger Napa Valley vineyards that display a silky tannin profile and opulent texture which allow for accessibility young. He has unearthed a range of privately-owned boutique vineyards, hidden gems tucked in secret pockets of Napa Valley, that only Mother Nature, Jean and his winemaking team are fortunate enough to touch.

Adding luster to this beautiful blend of micro-vineyards is the world-renowned, highly-coveted Newton Vineyard on Spring Mountain, a favorite spot in the Valley for Jean, who has farmed these hillside grapes for well over 15 years. It’s one of his secret weapons in the blending process.

TWO2 allows us the unique opportunity to demonstrate that there are no bad growing areas in Napa Valley, only undiscovered properties. It’s the farming, production and blending techniques that bring out the best in these vineyards, creating beautiful, one-of-a kind wines.


Production Techniques:

Handpicked grapes are fermented only in stainless steel tanks at Alpha Omega winery in Rutherford at a higher temperature to reach a darker fruit profile and polished tannins for the red blend and bright, focused freshness for the whites.